Annabel Shuga Feat. Dandizzy – Okoso (Prod. Kovehna Beat)

Annabel Shuga premiere’s “Okoso” Featuring Dandizzy today being 26th Oct 2017 which happens to be her birthday.

Annabel Shuga Feat. Dandizzy - Okoso (Prod. Kovehna Beat)

Sometimes it feels like we’re overloaded by young female vocalists with slurry deliveries and futuristic production. While there are plenty of beautiful voices out there, the singers that take chances with their pipes are more often the ones that get our attention.

The voice of Annabel Shuga will haunt you in the best of ways. The young beautiful woman sounds like she’s really singing from the heart, and when that heart is feeling cool—on her songs—there are few artists who can emote on her level. She’s capable of turning the frown upside down, too.

Annabel Shuga has premiered the perfectly coined out “Okoso“, a sure sign that the world is catching on—fast—to her distinctive voice and buttery-smooth recording.

Annabel Shuga‘s “Okoso” is a low-key bubbler, the kind of track that might not grab you on the first listen, but will keep pulling you back to listen again, until you’re totally addicted. She features one of Nigeria’s best freestyling artist Dandizzy, and he does justice to the smooth instrumental. Their low and slow delivery is a perfect match for the melody driven production enhanced by Kovehna Beat.



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