X-Geeza – True Love (Prod. Klinex)

X-Geeza - True Love (Prod. Klinex)

M-Jay Entertainment’s X-Geeza has been making music for a minute, but it’s only with the realization of his latest offering that the wheels have really started turning. X-Geeza is a builder, layering über-delicate instrumental work over heavily reverbed vocals to create underwater atmospheres that are hard to leave and harder to let go.

X-Geeza‘sTrue Love is like a glimpse into the future. But it’s not in the way you might think: rather than moody, electronic production and minutely effected vocals. An interesting choice for a debut, to be sure, but it fits perfectly. The genre-defying, free-flowing True Love is raw and all over the place already, but it’s brimming with good ideas, and the fact that he had a prolific producer known as Klinex produce the project, is mind-blowing. This dude is special, and True Love is just the beginning.

One listen and you can tell X-Geeza is more of a musician than just a singer—though he’s incredibly talented in all musical areas.

As at now, X-Geeza is still developing and carving out his own lane in the afro-pop universe, but everything he’s shown so far hints at a dynamic artist with all the tools necessary for a long, successful career.

Enjoy True Love!

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