Amaeze Feat. Godson – E Ma Se (Prod. Cinerio)

Amaeze Feat. Godson - E Ma Se (Prod. Cinero)

A lot of new artists show promise and potential, but there are usually some missing pieces. Not with Amaeze. He already sounds ready for the big leagues. He’s worked in SoundIce Studios, where CinerIo has produced tons of hits, and shares some of his strengths—a nimble flow, a knack for melody, and a charismatic presence on the mic.

Amaeze has made a big splash with “E Ma Se.” He’s found a seam between gospel and contemporary, and the breathy result is a head-turner. Amaeze, The Port Harcourt-based singer/song writer is a gospel act, but “E Ma Se” is the kind of song that could fit on any playlist.

To a traditional gospel melody, a kick drum backbeat, and featuring preacher-style prompting from Godson, Amaeze, strings together familiar church sayings as his testimony about getting through a life with its ups and downs.

With easy melodies and simple lyrics, there is one traditional moment.The song has a lasting quality that makes it a comfortable play in nearly any setting, the kind of groove that you like immediately.

Amaeze obviously grew up in a gospel singing family, so traditional gospel is in his DNA. “E Ma Se” is a church rouser in a style that never grows old.

But considering that today is Amaeze‘s birthday, maybe the song is just a birthday present to himself. Happy birthday to him, by the way.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Amaeze Feat. Godson - E Ma Se (7398 downloads)

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