Blackice – Hangover (Prod. KovehnaBeat)

Blackice - Hangover (Prod. KovehnaBeat)

There are so many varying factors that can make a song lovable—many times it’s just the beat, other times it’s the hook, and sometimes it’s just a a feeling that you can’t pin to a specific part. But for Blackice‘s  latest single “Hangover” it is the opening punchline that personally pulls you in.

With “Hangover,” Blackice offers up a feel-good record for everyone who may not have made it just yet, but are on their way. The thumping production and the heavy dose of  lyrics work together to create the perfect record. Blackice‘s charm and skill, showcasing a deft, playful with an ability for crystallizing warm memories, rather than cloyingly crafting a false vision of the past.

The song is instantly recognizable as a KovehnaBeat product. Smooth, unhurried guitar chords, a minimalistic bass that fills in all right gaps, and a stripped down drum beat. Simplicity is at the center of Blackice‘s style, but it comes from a deeply musical place. His songs never have more parts than they need. They are balanced, hypnotizing loops that get better and better with repeated listening.

But considering that today is Blackice‘s birthday, maybe the song is just a birthday present to himself. Happy birthday to him by the way.



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