Prince Spido – Go Down (1Qube)

In the Spirit of Christmas?! Singer Prince Spido unveils single “Go Down (This December)”

These days with the internet making everything so readily accessible, it’s easy for artists to be inspired by sounds from all over the world and create music that can’t quite be pinned down to a specific location. As enjoyable as that can be, it always seems refreshing when artists come out sounding like a proud product of their hometown. PH City Bred Prince Spido fits right into the latter category with his latest single “Go Down.”

It’s common knowledge by now that Prince Spido has a very eclectic sound and calling Prince Spido a hard work seems like an understatement at this point. It’s Christmas day, which happens to be a public holiday, but barely stopping to take a moment to celebrate, he’s collaborated with a great producer and has now gifted fans with a holiday treat, his latest release Go Down.

It’s common knowledge by now that Prince Spido has a very eclectic sound. Similar to the majority of the cover art for his singles, his music comes together like a collage—layers of various elements and influences creating one beautiful piece.

There’s an even blend of modernity and nostalgia embedded into “Go Down” that matches Prince Spido’s own flow. His strong delivery demands attention but layered over the beat, the combination feels like a warm welcome and proper introduction.

Keep tabs on him on social media through this mediums:

Instagram: @PrinceSpidoOfficial

Twitter: @Its_PrinceSpido

Facebook: Prince Spido

DOWNLOAD NOW: Prince Spido - Go Down Low (661 downloads)


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