Nimi Black – Letter To God

Nimi Black - Letter To God

It’s not hard to see why Port Harcourt-based singer/songwriter and student of the Rivers State University Nimi Black, has seen a bit of success from last years work rate, but it is still pretty remarkable how he will undeniably achieve it in this.

With Nimi Black firmly crossed over into the mainstream, He looks like one of the best candidates to take up the torch as the internet’s favorite wildly prolific, emo-tinged, genre-bending gospel artist. Though unafraid to go heavier and realer on a track like “Letter To God” where he showed off impressive pop chops on. His wholesome music and honest persona is something that’s very much needed right now, as the year begins.

In his words “Letter to God – Is as a gospel rap song, i wrote about how God dragged me from sin and hes waiting to accept you too, i was a former cultist and all so its, just my letter to God”..

While plenty of artists experiment with different deliveries, Nimi Black is one of the few who will unabashedly belt out vocals on his songs, and his signature yelp is unmistakable.  Starting the year 2018 this way, shows Nimi Black still has tremendous unfulfilled potential, so don’t be surprised if he’s the next so-called underground act to have a hit shoot up the Billboard charts.

Quickly Hit The Play and Download buttons to feel the realness in this note addressed to the most high by his very own..

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