Nimi Black – You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life

Nimi Black - You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life

Covering a song, especially a classic, can be a risky move. Ruining someone else’s song is a bad look, but sometimes the risk pays off and Nimi Black has given us more than enough reason to pay attention to more covers. We now know Nimi Black is fantastic, his manic deliveries are getting better with each release, and he’s been working on hot some hip-hop tunes including a cover of M.I‘s “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life“. It’s awesome, no doubt. It seems to be a wake-up call to rappers like M.I, Vector and even Port Harcourt’s very own Dandizzy to bring back real hiphop and stop killing the game with the cliche songs about money, women an alcohol.

To those who doubt, Nimi Black may still seem like an over-the-top PH rapper, but he’s slowly but surely distancing himself from his peers. It’s still early for him, but he’s doing all the right things, and his natural ability and intelligence are going to take him far. So call him an underground rapper if you want, but don’t be surprised when he outgrows this continent. It’s already obvious that his potential as a career artist is going to lead to much bigger things.

Enjoy his version of “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life“.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Nimi Black - Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life (239 downloads)



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