Juli A Feat. Knowledge, Dr.Barz & FJ – D South G (Remix)

Juli A Feat. Knowledge, Dr.Barz & FJ - D South G (Remix)

Redbuffalo Entertainment‘s front-man Juli A, comes through with his first single of the year, an official remix to his debut single “D South G” featuring Knowledge, Dr. Barz & FJ. This serves as a follow up song to “slow” his 2017 single. Although meant for earlier release the song suffered a push back when his leaked content “Mad Up” clashed with previous release dates.

What’s striking here is the endless gymnastics displayed on this remix. The wildly catchy, slightly hazy hook has the kind of refrain that’s easy to mumble along with. Flows are introduced and embellished and discarded; ad-libs range from non-sequitur; slant rhymes zig-zag sounds into formation. It all builds into a staggering monument to swagger that somehow still feels fleet and casual.

Juli A‘s verses remain graceful and sharp, every syllable and punchline cutting into the next. If Juli A‘s songs are about color and vitality, this song is all motion and torque.

Press play and watch yourself levitate.

Juli A Feat. Knowledge, Dr.Barz & FJ - South G (Remix) (454 downloads)

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