Eljodi – Magic (Prod. Samflow)

Eljodi - Magic (Prod. Samflow)

Eljodi has been impressing as of late with a steady stream of singles, showcasing just how far he can take his singular sound. “Magic”will continue his winning streak, with a mid-tempo approach that makes the best of his colorful synths and vibrant percussion. All of the elements that make his music so enjoyable are still here, but it somehow feels just as refreshing as his previous output.

Eljodi hasn’t been afraid of taking detours and experimenting with his sound. This record Magic is here to challenge listeners more than his pop-friendly regulars, but the pleasant psych-pop sounds —albeit at a slower, more methodical pace.

Judging by this, Eljodi still has tremendous unfulfilled potential, so don’t be surprised if he’s the next so-called underground rapper to have a hit shoot up the Billboard charts this year.

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