Tupi Runo Feat. Samsong – Magi (Prod. Dr.Roy)

Tupi Runo Feat. Samsong - Magi (Prod. Dr.Roy)

Tupi Runo hasn’t put a foot wrong yet, and “Magi” is another warm, funky praise song with an awesome feel. Samsong‘s voice also soars over Dr.Roy‘s shape-shifting production, which includes uplifting electronic guiters alongside the keys and bouncy percussion.

Tupi Runo & Samsong‘s earnestness is palpable. Their sweet vocals—growling guitars, ringing power chords, rapid electric guitar solos, drumming, pounding bass, off-the-stave falsetto shouting, and shifting time signatures—to underscore the urgency of their message and express the anxiety of the times.

Tupi Runo‘s aim is to create wonderful, gospel, beautiful songs that we would want to listen to ourselves, and hope people outside out little world feel the same. Success on all fronts so far. Tupi Runo‘s got star power, charisma, and momentum, and he’s on track for a 2018 takeover.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Tupi Runo Feat. Samsong - Magi (Prod. Dr.Roy) (994 downloads)


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