Circle Spice – Loke Loke (Prod. Stunna)


Circle Spice are two of the most exciting set of new artists out. The Port Harcourt-based duo make a debut here with a multi-faceted single.

With each of their studio work under Unstoppable Dynasty , Circle Spice entirely reshapes their sound. Their latest single Loke Loke, finds them occupying sunnier soundscapes than ever before, combining elements afro pop, classic, and funk in unexpected ways. Loke Loke displays them in top form.

Judging from the result, it seems that they have a very good chance of gaining traction. The very val-friendly song is one of Circle Spice catchiest songs, and it has us excited to see what they’ve got planned next. Check out “Loke Loke,” our new favorite.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Circle Spice - Loke Loke (238 downloads)

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