Verse Gunzalo – Used To

Verse Gunzalo - Used To

Verse Gunzalo has been working on cutting-edge songs with his timeless voice. It’s soulful, but he employs it for modern deliveries and unpredictable flows. Verse Gunzalo‘s still in the early stages of career but already flexing impressive songwriting skills and versatility.

He’s making catchy pop music, but there’s a punk edge to it, and “Used To“, a mid-tempo dance-hall song which is the second single off Verse Gunzalo‘s forth coming B.O.T.I EP, is one of our favorite songs from any new artist that we’ve heard this year.

His previously aired single (“One Wish“) has become a breakout hit, a sparse, slurry track with an addictive warm vibe. “Used To” has similarly huge potential. And the deeper you go into Verse Gunzalo‘s discography, the more consistent he becomes. Musically, there’s not too much in common with Burna Boy, but if you enjoy Burna Boy‘s contrast of accessible music delivered by a badass, you’ll like Verse Gunzalo.

Verse Gunzalo has been at it for a while, but he’s having a moment right now, and it feels like he’s one crossover hit away from becoming one of Nigeria’s next stars. Check out “Used To” below, and hear more of his music on SoundCloud.

DOWNLOAD: Verse Gunzalo - Used To (661 downloads)

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