Sammy Hart – The Other Side – Ire [Cover]

Sammy Hart - The Other Side – Ire [Cover]

Artists putting their own twist on a favorite is nothing new, but most of the time they stick to their lane, even if they are “making the song their own.” A rapper pays homage to their idol by covering an old soul record—the usual. But every once in a while you’ll hear a cover that completely confuses you in the first few seconds. So different from the originals, and we just got ourselves one of such spectacular covers.

Sammy Hart is a special talent. “The Other Side” which is a cover to Adekunle Gold‘s “Ire“, which has suddenly become the rave of the moment with over a 100 covers out there already, is an immediate highlight, a song with a style that’s hard to pin down, but Sammy Hart is a Port Harcourt boy who sounds like the future on this.

The Other Side” has it all—sharp observational rapping, memorable melodic moments, and an incredible barrage of quotables. With sparse musical accompaniment, Sammy‘s uniquely soothing verses jump to the front of the track, putting a spin on this thing that only he could. SH seems to write sticky notes with ease, and his low-key delivery means you might not even realize his songs are stuck in your head until a few days later.

This is not only because of his laid back style of rapping compared to more high energy contemporaries. With a conversational delivery, witty but poignant observations, and a cover like this, Sammy Hart goes into 2018 with a lot of momentum. So far, he hasn’t missed.

You can hear the song below.

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