Jeffrey Tobiaz – Nobody Is Perfect

Jeffrey Tobiaz - Nobody Is Perfect

The appeal of Adele’s “He Won’t Go” is in the raw kinetic energy of the song, the ripping sound effects and drums which have caused the emergence of myriad covers and remixes. This version comes from the pen of songwriter, musician, and rapper Jeffrey Tobiaz, who has a deft feel for melody, lyrical rhythm, and song timing. While his cover titled “Nobody Is Perfect” has all the ingredients to sell the song over the air-lanes, the two minutes, forty five seconds song provides listeners with a true spice in music experience.


On the latter, Jeffrey Tobiaz vamps incessantly on the main motive, stopping and starting the dope hook, to an avid listener’s delight. Jeffrey Tobiaz is one that he possesses all the trappings of a great musician, impeccable taste on his riffs, songs catchy but not corny, familiar but dopely strange. There’s seductive magic that can’t easily be spotted, which is the essence of his uniqueness.

He balances humor, high-energy, and technical skills for a package that’s hard to ignore. Whatever Jeffrey comes up with next, it’s sure to be bursting at the seams with creative energy.

Pay attention to this song and end up inevitably acknowledging to the fact that Nobody Is Perfect and enjoy this beautiful piece of work..

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