Korkormikor – Disguise Mode

Korkormikor - Disguise Mode

The best comebacks are the ones you think will never happen. After taking time away from mainstream, we’re glad to announce the king is back! Yes! Korkormikor is back stimulating your nerves till you more than just your feet countless times. It’s been a long five years since his last full-length. In that time, Korkor‘s influence on mainstream music has become more and more evident, and now he’s back with the authentic sound of Port Harcourt city and it’s slangs. This comes in the middle of what’s inevitably shaping up to be a big year for him.

This latest cut is deep velvet, taking cues from no one but himself while infusing just enough modern ingenuity as his sound also combines a raw energy of songwriting skills, and futuristic music production to make it stand out in a crowded field as always. He is known for painting vivid pictures in music with ease, and he maintains an outlook that is relatable to so many young creative people feeling trapped by their surroundings.

He maintains some of the lyrical depth of his early releases and tries out some more subdued sounds, but an early favorite comes in the form of one of the most off-kilter moments on “Disguise Mode“.  Still shows off awesome flow on this one, and something tells us Korkormikor will have a couple more tricks and tracks up his sleeve before the full release drops later this year. We all know Korkormikor definitely hasn’t come out of nowhere, but now he’s ready to take his career to the next level.

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