3nity – This Is America (Cover)

3nity - This Is America (Cover)

It’s not been all that long since he presented us with a radical right-turn with his music due to his life’s transformation, 3nity has already introduced the next stage of his ever-evolving artistic process with this new offering “This Is America (Cover)“, originally made by Childish Gambino. Laced with an inspired utilization of ad-libs from the original song,this version is also protest for an age with too many words not saying enough.

With always incredible sounds, 3nity is in the process of solidifying himself as one of Nigeria’s most important artist. His music always has that hypnotizing, head-in-the-clouds atmosphere to it, and he levels up lyrically, and while the song still feels raw and intimate, it also feels thoughtful and well-crafted.

3nity has developed into one of the most exciting acts out of Port Harcourt. Leaning on his strengths as an artist, it’s a remarkably confident piece of work that has us eagerly anticipating more music.

Feel this..

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