Kotingo – Do My Thing (Prod. JoeBagz)

Kotingo - Do My Thing (Prod. JoeBagz)

Kotingo is one of the fastest rising new artists we’ve seen break through in years, the genre-defying artist keeps things moving with his singing and rapping skills. As was the case with his recent standout “My Business,” Kotingo and producer JoeBagz execute a perfect beat switch where the song really blossoms, unfurling at an unhurried pace, even as Kotingo muses on oblivion. His candor signals that we’re surely in for a fascinating trip through his psyche on “Do My Thing”.

The calm but energetic single is transformed into a sprawling, atmospheric reflection on Kotingo’s place in the world, youth, and his future expectations. The new instrumental arrangement is driven by daintily strummed guitars, stacked harmonies, and rich, slow-moving bass. Kotingo coolly slips into relaxed cadences and flows.

Kotingo displays his ability to adapt multiple musical styles with finesse and creativity, as the song is totally fun, catchy, and another example of how unpredictable and limitless hip pop music has become.

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