Blackice – Mama (Prod. KovehnaBeat)

Blackice releases Mama (Prod. KovehnaBeat)

Blackice - Mama (Prod. KovehnaBeat)

Blackice has experienced such a storied career partly thanks to his habit of completely bewildering listeners. But that has been achieved without coming at the cost of his songwriting talents, unlike a lot of his peers. It’s never easy to craft music both technically impressive and absolutely gorgeous, but with this single “Mama,” Blackice has just effortlessly reminded us what makes him so special with three minutes fifty eight seconds of chaotic brilliance.

Damn, this beat got bass. Mama is another staggering achievement for Blackice as it was inspired by his inexplicable love for his mom. He’s managed to meet massive expectations, pulling off the near impossible task of the mid-career reinvention: the new song incorporates novel elements into his signature sound, adding fresh voices and a newfound penchant for acoustic instrumentation to his tool kit.

Blackice has always had an engaging personality and the obstacles he’s overcome give him a confidence that shines through in his music, but the moments of self-awareness and honesty are often the most powerful in his music.

The production, handled by Kovehnabeat, is brutally efficient, the melody a single synth line peeking out from behind the bass. Equal parts paranoid hustler’s polemic and chest-pounding technical exercise, “Mama” is a testament to Blackice‘s extended prime.

Blackice one of the only rappers out who can make even the most hedonistic song feel genuinely thoughtful and emotional.


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