Hope – Good God (Prod. Lakeyz)

Hope - Good God (Prod. Lakeyz)

Hope Ofere is an impressive oldcomer who drops his former alias. Sprouting from the south and making impressive strides into the mainstream, while maintaining his edge and gaining new fans along the way.

His charisma and technical ability have earned him attention from virtually every good music lover. If he can hone in on all the things that have taken him this far while picking up a few new tricks, his single “Good God” this year is likely to wow his base and, potentially, take him straight to the top.

Hope’s lyrics dance between various languages—which feels fitting for an artist like himself who’s build his foundation by expertly blending influences from different cultures and bringing them together. Hope’s vocals are playful enough to float right in tune with the bounce of the rhythm and help everything feel complete.

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