Blackice – Soft (Prod. Kovehnabeat)

Premiere: Pop artist Blackice Share Pulsing Tune “Soft”


There’s a trajectory to most rising pop careers that goes something like this: start out making cool music, get bigger, make objectively better but less interesting music, lose your edge, become a pop superstar. Blackice isn’t following this trajectory. When we first heard him on Mama & Hangover, he already had his own style. Instead of toning it down, Blackice has gotten even more bold and is embracing the qualities that make him stand out instead of the ones that could have helped him fit in.

Today, Blackice is one of the most compelling young acts in music, and instead of looking to other afro pop stars for inspiration, he gets it from boundary-pushing events and personal experiences.

Despite an eclectic output, there always seems to be one strong common theme throughout it all. Everything from Blackice sounds effortless and natural—rare. “Soft” is a gratifying listen, and a more propulsive cut than what we’ve heard from him thus far. The production from Kovehnabeat is solid, featuring the necessary amount of bass, synths, and talk box elements for a perfect addition to your next cookout playlist.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Blackice - Soft (195 downloads)

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