Ihe Neme! African Superstar 2Face Idibia to Kick Off his ‘Campus Connect: 2Face & Friends’ Tour This May 2013

Afro Pop superstar, 2Face Idibia is set to hit the road this May 2013 for the eagerly anticipated ‘Campus Connect: 2face & Friends Tour 2013?. The artist will touring around Nigerian to perform at 5 campus communities in their tertiary institutions. And, after a lot of voting was involved for which school to be picked, here’s his tour schedule: University […]

Road to Fame (Rolls Royce)

The Road to Fame

  MIEBAKA HENRY NIMENIBO The Road to Fame The thought of being rich and famous has visited every mind before in one or more times of our lives, only that some snapped out of it too quickly. Some still go to sleep and recall their dreams, and if it does not come true on time […]