Six Fashionable PH Artists

Meet Six Highly Fashionable Port Harcourt Artists

Fashion and music have always gone hand in hand, but it’s been a while since that intersection has felt as exciting as it does right now, plus there are the names that often come to mind when we think of the most stylish musicians of our time. Embracing fashion in dynamic ways, these artists – […]

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LEAK: DJ Ken – Push (Remix) Feat. Reverse Movement x Forbs Zhilah x Lexy

Yes! Yes!! Yessss!!! We’ve got something super hot from one of our favorite rappers Forbs Zhillah and his cohorts; Reverse Movement & Lexy. We’ve been yearning, craving and dying to hear something new from our favorite rapper’s kitchen, after the release of his “Nicki Minaj single”, so we had to forcefully grab this without proper permission. […]