You Won’t Believe The Foreign Equivalents Of These Nigerian Stars

We love our homegrown celebs. But we sometimes can’t help comparing them to celebs from Yankee. Usually, when we compare our Naija stars to foreign ones, it’s not always about looks. Sometimes, it’s the way they act or dance or sing that reminds us of someone else. You’ve probably heard phrases like, “He’s our Naija […]


VIDEO: Trace Urban Cypher 2 F. Jesse Jagz, Nateo C, Ikechukwu , Peter Clark, Endia,N6,Blink

Trace is giving us the part 2 of the Urban Cypher featuring some of Nigerians finest rappers, Jesse Jagz, Nateo C, Blink of Sindicate Records, Peter Clarke of World Famous Academy, N6, T-rex, Edina and Dj Obi. Enjoy