Sewuese - Forever 3

Sewuese Don-Loho – “Forever” (Prod. Dr Roy)

Sewuese Don-Loho makes a debut with  a brand new single “Forever”. Sewuese Don-Loho‘s “Forever” is the latest song on our archives. It’s calm, beautifully weird, and artful; in short, a summation of what Sewuese Don-Loho is capable of at her very best. And, when you think about how good Sewuese Don-Loho is, remember: She left this on […]


Nigerian country music: Ogak Jay talks debut album

Country music may not be the dominant sound on Nigerian radio anymore, but the genre retains a modest followership across the country. Ogak Jay, one of such followers, has played country music for years, and has encouraged others to listen to the genre. He is currently president of Country Music Club of Port Harcourt (CMCPH), a country music […]