RegyT - The Truth (Panda Cover)

Audio: Regy T- The Truth ( Panda Cover)

Various people have been bouncing on the hit and famous track, Panda by African/ American rapper Desiigner, who is signed under Kanye West’s label (Good Music). Here in Nigeria, we have the likes of the popular Pidgin English rapper- Erigga and he titled his own version EOPC( End of Panda Cover). Also the famous Yoruba […]

Dexta - Spice (Panda Cover)

VIDEO: Dexta x Cent- Spice (Panda Cover)

The appeal of Desiigner’s “Panda” is in the raw kinetic energy of the song, the ripping sound effects and drums which have caused the emergence of myriad covers and remixes. This version comes from the pen of songwriter, musician, and rapper Dexta, who has a deft feel for melody, lyrical rhythm, and song timing. While […]

Geezy H

Happy Birthday to our very own Geezy H!

Happy Birthday to you Geezy H, may God continue to guide and protect you as he also blesses you immensely in all your endeavors. You really are a blessing to us all and we are glad to share the same lifetime/planet with someone as talented and intelligent as yourself. Have a remarkable day. Meanwhile, y’all […]