Pictures from the #PHSocialMediaSeminar held last week.

The Glass House which is located at New Rumuola/Stadium link road, Port Harcourt was filled up with top notch entertainment guru and social media experts that turned up en-mass to witness the first ever Port Harcourt Social Media Seminar that was held on the 27th of July, 2015. the event was put together by Grafton […]


CEO of Aristocrat records Mr.Piriye Isokrari, Founder of TouchPH Perez Tigidam & Others will be speakers at Port Harcourt Social Media Seminar holding 27th July 2015 | Be There!

Wanna know how Burna Boy became popular over the internet? We’ve got the man behind it to give us a few tips. CEO of Aristocrat records/Monarc talent agency Mr Piriye Isokrari will be speaking at the Port Harcourt social media seminar on monday at the Glass House Rumuola stadium road link road Port harcourt on […]