Prince Spido - For You

Prince Spido – For You (Prod. Drive-Rack)

Being different can be a good thing, though. While Port Harcourt continues to spawn awesome acts who hop on the latest trends, Prince Spido has no trouble standing out. His ability to combine complex song structures, vocal melodies, and soulful production gives his music a weight that so many of the artists making the club […]

Prince Spido - Go Down Artwork

Prince Spido – Go Down (1Qube)

In the Spirit of Christmas?! Singer Prince Spido unveils single “Go Down (This December)” These days with the internet making everything so readily accessible, it’s easy for artists to be inspired by sounds from all over the world and create music that can’t quite be pinned down to a specific location. As enjoyable as that […]

Prince Spido - Solewike

Audio: Prince Spido – Solowike | @its_princespido

Prince Spido – a new, fully home grown and promising pop sensation- is making a statement of intent with a bang. “Solowike” is different from the regular sound your have heard from Prince Spido. “Solowike” has a catchy hook that aligns well with the catchy beat, which gets you hooked on it from the first listen, and gets […]