EMERGING ARTISTS MUST READ THIS. Article By Mazi Ifeanyichukwu First of all, i must say i was once a victim of a very bad record contract. This is a story for another day, but i want all of you who are interested in getting daily bread from being a performing artist to read. Record contracts […]


Yung Pali – I’m A Full

Our homeboy from the Fullish team of lyrical heads; Yungpali is out again with another mindblowing single. He jumps on a sick and popular instrumental (You’d hear it) and does what he knows how to do best. Kill it! What you waiting for???! go get it! LISTEN: Yung Pali – I’m A Full:

OTIS freestyle photo

Yungpali Ft. Feedback – Otis (Freestyle)

Our homeboy’s Yungpali and Feedback both of the Full-Ish crew have just dropped us a remake of Kanye West and Jay-z’s single “Otis”. If i should be asked i’d say i prefare this version to the original song, cos these dudes went way harder with their bars. Feel hiphop in its rawest form.. LISTEN Yungpali […]


Redkad ft. Famika – Struggling

Redkad continues his quest to be one of Nigeria’s deepest lyricist with this very educative song that features famika louise (Usa) and produced by Raily Boy (Usa). Redkad tells a real life story about the hardship many Nigerians go through in on a daily bases. Though not the kind of song expected to move the […]

RedKad - How Far

Feedback Muzik ft. Pryse, Redkad, Nanas & Double K – How Far (Merix)

Feedback don do am again o.. Damn! always knew this dude would come through with something way iller. after watching the how far video we were totally impressed with Feedback & RedKad for delivering very sick verses in a dope hiphop video. Well he’s here again with a better version of “How Far” A.K.A the […]


ReDKad – Get Your Hands up

Listened to this track and realised hiphop wouldnt die in Nigeria with heads like Redkad and the whole Full-Ish team. Posted a few joints from Redkad like: Pose, I’m ill and the whole dead or alive mixtape, and left the audience amazed at his level of lyricism. This dude never siezes to baffle us with […]


Debut: Youngpali – Street Bars

Here we go again.. Its youngpali, a sick rapper from the streets of PH who’s been around the scene a while now. Student of Uniport who’s been dropping sick tracks to the feel of the streets. Was impressed at the level of skill being portrayed by this cat on previous joints. Now he drops a […]


Debut: FeedBack Scribe Drops a dope Hiphop Video Ft. ReDKaD – How Far

Feedback Scribe’s a dope PH rapper, who’s recently released a FREE downloadable hiphop mixtape he titled “Purple State of mind”. He’s a dude that is indeed, respected by alot of dope RAP heads. He’s just hit us with a video of the track “How Far Ft. ReDKaD” from the mixtape. It’s a dope HIPHOP video […]


Another one from RedKad Ft. Onos – Pose

Redkad is at it again. Last time we heard from this dope rapper was when he generously released his debut mixtape on this site and a host of others for absolutely FREE downloads. Heads all over have giving similar positive responses to this hiphop cat on the rise. Now he hits us with a fresh […]


Debut: Redkad Hits the wave..

Found in the streets of PH is another rapper who’s now become the talk of blogs and true hiphop heads around the globe.. Real name’s Ifeanyi Ibeabuchi A.K.A RedKad. He’s just dropped his mixtape titled “Hiphop dead or alive?”.. He’s mixed up with sick PH cats on dope tracks.. Listen to RedKad & Lyrikal on […]