Debut: Xplain Ft. Timi Kay & Robbin Hood – Southern Hemisphere

It seems like dope rappers never seize to emerge from the streets of PH these days. Well thanks to crew’s like the Tune House team, who have showcased dope cats like Timi Kay and a bunch of them who keep the game up and running. And now we have another sick rapper who was also featured […]


EXCLUSIVE: Timi Kay – Tribute (Aluu4)

5th of November would actually make it a month since the ugly incidence that befell the four young men at aluu community, who were gruesomely murdered by a bunch of heartless criminals, leaving their families, friends and colleagues with hearts full of pain and grievances. Since then, a lot of blogs and artistes have taken advantage of […]

Fam Affair

Blood Diamond, Big L (Lloyd) & Tipsy (Ugonna) [RIP]- Family Affair

On the 27th of July 2012 we received a song from Forbs Zhilah “No One Like Me (South Kings Version) “ Featuring some of the best underground rappers in PH such as Timi Kay, Big L, Mo’ Grey, & Jo’ Pablo. After applauding Timi Kay’s verse the next verse that came in immediately caught my utmost attention. That verse portrayed […]



Describing Hold Your Applause by Timi Kay in two words, “CLASSIC MASTERPIECE”. The teenager has finally dropped his highly anticipated debut mixtape consisting of 22 tracks. This is Rap/Hip Hop at its best.  Enjoy as he takes you on a journey you’ll never forget. The only problem we forsee is being able to Hold our Applause after Track […]


Timi Kay – Lone Simba

Oops! We just broke our protocol by putting up a song we weren’t permitted to, but we just couldn’t help but do it. After listening to Timi Kay’s two recently aired out songs, we got request’s from a couple fans to publish another single he had previously released titled ” Lone Simba”.  Well, we just couldnt say “No” to the […]