EXCLUSIVE: Timi Kay – Tribute (Aluu4)

5th of November would actually make it a month since the ugly incidence that befell the four young men at aluu community, who were gruesomely murdered by a bunch of heartless criminals, leaving their families, friends and colleagues with hearts full of pain and grievances. Since then, a lot of blogs and artistes have taken advantage of […]

Fam Affair

Blood Diamond, Big L (Lloyd) & Tipsy (Ugonna) [RIP]- Family Affair

On the 27th of July 2012 we received a song from Forbs Zhilah “No One Like Me (South Kings Version) “ Featuring some of the best underground rappers in PH such as Timi Kay, Big L, Mo’ Grey, & Jo’ Pablo. After applauding Timi Kay’s verse the next verse that came in immediately caught my utmost attention. That verse portrayed […]