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Its very sad at times when I get to hear beef songs been spitted between celebrities, But this time I like it when I am the first to let yall know about what is happening and who is at his peak. It was late last year when MI the Mr. Incredible as he calls himself dropped his second smash album titled MI2 (the Movie), the album I must say has really been doing well in the market and craving a lot of airwaves for itself and I must confess it’s been the most talk about in Nigeria and outside the country. Mr. MI in his new album took his time to explain himself and likewise dropping strong lyrical lines in a track of his new album titled (BEFF)…Like “See wor-wor pikin dey form handsome, kelechukwu clap for yourself well-done” Now the question is, who was he referring to? He used his time to straighten out issues between himself and other artistes who use his name to promote their songs to sell their ALBUM.


MI’S  recent beef was with (Kelly Handsome the guy u see with him on the above picture) and the truth about these line “See wor-wor pikin dey form handsome, kelechukwu clap for yourself well done” was actually dedicated to the outstanding artiste (Kelly Handsome) who has made name for himself  in the Nigerian Music Industry when he broke out with the  controversial song “MAGA DON PAY”  He left his Popular Record company KENNIS MUSIC in 2010, accusing them of not paying him his royalties of what his album sold which the CEO Mr. Keke Ogungbe himself disclosed to the whole world that Kelly Handsomes Album flopped. Well who knows, today (Kelly Handsome) has been doing his thing alone, dropping songs and likewise a new beef released track back to MI after he heard the strong Not Normal Lines that came out of MI the Mr. Incredible and (Kelly Handsome) titled it “Finish U Boi” . (Writer laughing)…

Well this is not my story for y’all, my story is about a new beef song from a Port Harcourt Boi called MI2, who his real name is Miebaka, he’s raised in Port Harcourt and currently based in Lagos but flags Port Harcourt as his home town where ever he goes. He broke into the Music scene with a hit single titled (SAME GIRL).

He is a very good singer and has created a fan base for himself in and outside the country, his new album will be hitting the Market soon but like he said to me he can’t afford to hold back when he heard MI’S ALBUM saying in lyric lines like “


“See musician try na beef me for real son, maybe they doing it to promote their album ,they know using my name will help them sell songs, so iceberg its alright u welcome”

This I think got MI2 who sang the song titled (Same Girl) pissed, so he decided to reply MI (Mr. incredible) with a dupe singing track calling him an “ABOKI BOI”. I cant imagine it (hahaha).Now y’all should listen. In this brand-new song of MI2 titled ‘ABOKI” he explained how he started bearing the same name BUT ONLY that he added No 2 to it just to make it MI2, he said he was called MIMI by his grand mum n pals a long time ago when he was still a very little boy.

MI2 dropped this funny song but it came with a serious mood and nice rhyming.  I was called by MI2 and when I heard the song I said “nice one’ but y’all know that D Not Normal Boi “Klint Moore” wouldn’t support beef…all Musical artistes should be friends but if they cant then I suggest they don’t use bullets rather spit it out on a track, I think sometimes its fun to hear it as a song while some might say that beef songs helps the Music industry grow. So My dear friends here is the brand new Beef song from MI2 to MI the Mr Incredible as we all know him.  Be the first to hear the Beef song from MI2 to MI the Mr. incredible. Then for those who do not know the guy called MI2..I have his hit song video titled” SAME GIRL” I guess with these you can identify the Artiste,his song n how he looks like….and drop UR COMMENTS .

MI2 – Aboki (MI Diss):


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  1. briddy

    November 30, 2011 at 10:12 am

    very funny beef song

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  3. Chottu

    August 23, 2015 at 8:09 am

    hahahahah did i say thumbs up or soemihtng like that? ur just stupid and ur deepest wish is to write a comment that gets a lot of thumbs up so u can feel like a big shot trust me .. ur not

  4. Great article but it didn’t have everything-I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

  5. I’m so glad I found my solution online.

  6. Thanks for that! It’s just the answer I needed.

  7. It’s about time someone wrote about this.

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    April 14, 2016 at 4:14 pm

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    June 19, 2016 at 4:14 am

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