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The Road to Fame



The Road to Fame

The thought of being rich and famous has visited every mind before in one or more times of our lives, only that some snapped out of it too quickly. Some still go to sleep and recall their dreams, and if it does not come true on time it becomes a nightmare. Reality has eluded many who believe the easiest way of making money is through entertainment.

So they picked their tools to work and let luck prosper them since they posses no skill or orientation; hence suffering their target audience at long last. For musicians, the target market suffers what I prefer to call “unfair hearing”.

Road to Fame

Road to Fame

Those who are diligent in the field are a delight to watch and hear. The spotlight is a warm spectacle for the eyes no doubt, to keep us in tabs with the artiste we fancy. Many of the wealth they flaunt in musical videos oversees have a great possibility of being hired. This has put scales in the eyes of the younger generation who now see it as a means of getting back at the people that looked down at them or getting even wealth with the people they looked up to. Priorities are displaced in quick succession by those privileged to have sponsors that can get them through the university or acquire wealth through other conventional means. If peradventure you see some atrocious behaviors being performed by youths in your vicinity, don’t take any offense; they are just emulating what they had seen from their television.  We have come to realize that some television programs are mere “wild dreams”. But still, the western parts of the world has enlightened our awareness to the bright life stardom brings, many do not necessarily understand what is really on screen.

The bigger picture is always beautiful but many forget it was gotten from small frames. Our artistes had begun wearing video costumes on the street, and create the notion of a “fabulous fantasy”. The eagerness of many waits for no one as they give reasons to the reasonable ones to tag them as “unserious”. They begin to change their accent to the disgust of the ears, sagging pants and revealing their underwear while still wearing belts. Dress codes can make one popular but that is not enough if the goal is being a celebrity, you have to achieve a feat worth celebrating. We forgive their callowness since it gives birth to a dream, even if it is pure fantasy; it has a way of keeping the minds busy.

If being shown the true vivid struggling pictures of a successful artiste before they stars earned recognition, it wouldn’t have been able to encourage many.  The aftermath is a story anybody can key into. Many have ventured into the world of glamour but returned to harsh reality when situations told them “they were not ready. It is really hard to discourage people who have dreams but lack the required ambition, but time always comes in and does the talking. The depth of the industry cannot be seen while on shallow grounds. The fact that the youths can actually live again, believing they would become ultimate celebrities (which is never far from attainability for those who perspire) is rather encouraging. The television, the big screen has become a destination on the road to fame. It’s a journey everyone can map out for themselves if only you stay true to your path. But the coated glamour will be worn only by the true winners. The true winners are those who had chosen to scale through the stumbling road blocks by taking only the positives from past failures and criticisms.


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