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“If music be the food of love, play on.” The great William Shakespeare recognized the healing effect of music, and relishes the deep passion and addiction that comes with it.  In as much as we always have variances in life, we also have several tastes when it comes to music. Once you find you kind, your ears will definitely crave for more. Research says it helps build our endurance when engaged in something that could be intense and energy sapping. If there is one thing as soothing as peace of mind, it is good music. We have come to realize that language is never a barrier to music, as music has a no boundaries; we are all bounded by the sounds. That is why Makosa (a French genre) came to the Nigerian shores and was embraced with open arms proving that even if we do not understand francophone, we understand their sound.  Music is a tourist that goes where it pleases and most of the times, the hosts are hospitable.Sensato-Pitbull-Confesion

Music is an ambassador that tells a story from different indigenous tongues. It is similar to money in large respect, as it is known to be generally accepted without being converted. Music is unity in diversity.

Of recent, D banj’sOliver Twist” was on the UK chats and rocked the British airways. It was played in the different stadia during the 2012 London Olympic Games; its banging melody could not be overlooked by Pitbull and Protege Sensato as they used the beat  and hook of ”Oliver Twist” in a  track titled “La Confesion”. P square’s “E no easy” was also remixed by a French artiste named Matt Houston, in a track he titled “Positf” in which he

featured the duo as well. A Chinese version of J Martin’sEreke” is another add to the list.positif

Music is a sound, but there is more to a sound for it to be considered as music. The catch is that whenever a new sound comes hitting our ears drums, its touches our insatiable appetite for music. The reason a remix is done by a different Artiste is mostly to ride on the success of the hit. It is a risk creating a style or rhythm nobody knows but if it becomes accepted, the artiste will earn a big break. A South Korean Artiste named PSY, who happens to be the brain behind “Gangnam style”; a track which has earned him International recognition and landmark success because of his distinctive sound. The success of the hit made Nigerian DJ’s and O.A.P’s give him massive airplay even without his asking. PSY has been into music for over a decade before success smiled on him for being persistence with a new touch of originality. We dance to it like we understand Korean language; that is the beauty of creativity.



A good sound is a good sound, creativity is synonymous to originality, and originality announces itself. Even if a song is banned because of compromising lyrics, those who do not understand the language in the song will still bump their heads to the rhythm. Music goes everywhere the sun goes, International Passport? Don’t bother!

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