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musicalEverything in life serves a purpose, but some elements serve several purposes. Underlining a singular purpose of music will be a pure fallacy. Its strong aura makes even gods feel jealous when a nice tune is not apportioned to them; this does not only bewilder “man”, but also creates a bond with nature. This gift has lived for years and has been modified to suit different taste that waters the appetite of the inner man. Man has come to love music not as a man but as a “god”. Music was designed to be conditioned for diverse purposes; and one essential purpose is “for man to be able to communicate with himself”


Music is a “stinging element” which elevates the soul that even the spirits in us cannot object to the sting of soothing music.  The songs we listen to create or modify our personalities. As epic as time, music holds memories and could make a happy tune a reflective tune if it is been listened in a sober mood. Music serve different purposes; from dancing to meditating or even used as a vehicle of inspiration. But only few have the time or actual realization to this, it is an art to be able to put music into different shelves which signifies the mood variances of the custodian. It is time wasting if music is put on for no reason but not as bad as Artiste making songs with no target audience. In as much as every chef has his spice, no song can be highlighted as a bad song for as long as it accomplishes a purpose.

images music To a reasonable level, the radio stations predict moods by the hour of day, even if everyone has a different schedule; the timing is close to perfection. The early morning hours should have nothing short of motivating words or tunes, the beats or words can be a little firmer in hours close to noon, the early afternoon is usually used for launch breaks so a soft beat or an old tune to relax the nerve is fine. As the afternoon grows in stature, the music is fired up as it is generally perceived most times that anyone who plays a soft tune during this hour is undoubtedly a lazy bone probably still on pajamas . From this point music is played as the spirit leads before switching to something very soft before going to bed.

Music is as important as culture and has a way of defining a person or a geographical location. It is the unconscious habit that quakes passion and the desire of a “want”, and also a mood machine that creates moments of exclusives in the stages of life. The melodious teacher has thought similar topics in different phrases in the bid to serve a purpose with words and sounds to create a dance with the barest of  resistance.  This powerful tool should be administered with precaution because of its lasting presence long after the melody is gone. The society we live in is inspired by the music we let to play, which has been converted to a society filled with vulgar languages, moral uprightness, empty vessels, brilliant minds, religious intolerance, but we should be expecting  so much more in times to come as the music continues to change.

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