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Artistes of the New Era




Artistes of the New Era


Miebaka Henry Nimenibo

The Entertainment industry has come a long way and we can say so far so well in the procession of times, but so much has also changed with time in the music industry and the general entertainment scope. There were laid down procedures to follow in the development of musicians and there would be no need to add that the music of yester years highlights pure brilliance and purpose.  This refined music we now enjoy has a downside as well as a break out of the conventional. The messages were touching and inspiring in the earlier years; the sounds were creative, and the promotions went smoothly and soothingly. Media houses bought albums, promoted it, not just by playing it but putting it on rotation as well without any forms of lobbying. The past decade saw the onrush of radio stations in Port Harcourt, thereby raising the stakes.


The need for competition was highly welcomed by the neutrals. The neutrals were all about information and entertainment like it was when there was just one radio station owned by the Government of Rivers State. The true beneficiaries of the variety radio stations are those who released singles or albums at the time. At this point, the new generation radio stations showed a little bit of indigenous flavour to get on the good side of the Artiste and neutrals alike. Most of the radio stations that flew into the city were already established elsewhere and as time went on, they began playing songs by the indigenous Artiste from the State they migrated from. That singular act brought panic and slightly changed the persona of the Artiste in the Port Harcourt, as the songs that were released sounded more like what the Discs Jockeys’ and On Air Personalities had conditioned everyone to.  With so much competition in the media now and so many dime stars wanting to shine, it has now become an area for exploitation as Disc Jockeys are beginning to find greener pastures with red eyes. The early beneficiaries in the music industry didn’t really make much wave outside the shores of Port Harcourt because there was never a backbone for the Artiste as the media began to put mostly Lagos Artiste on rotation. The effect is seen when a Lagos Art comes to Port Harcourt and becomes a ground gainer at the expense of the resident Artiste which is undoubtedly horrendous

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It is like Port Harcourt shot herself on the foot in the race of importance in the industry and most of the blame should be shouldered by the expatriates who instead of creating a new industry here decided to continue an already established one from somewhere else. The great Arts of Port Harcourt had to borrow shines from the Lagos community. No doubt Port Harcourt is ably represented in the industry in recent times, making the city only second to Lagos in the grand stakes of entertainment. The horoscope of the Port Harcourt entertainment industry is in shambles if the upcoming Arts remain in this Diaspora.

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