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Inspirations are lurking everywhere, if that is true so why should it be that hard to find? When an Artiste picks up a pen with the intention to write on any topic, there are usually challenges (even freelance writers face “writers blockat some point). When you write about similar topics it simply means similar situations are reoccurring in your life. Since routine is always boring, where do we get a fresh piece of inspiration? There are times we have to look inwards for inspirations and there are also times whereby we have to look outwards.

67504_553988247957771_1265723662_nAs a creative person, you are not just yourself; you are yourself and much more. Most works are borne out of experience, but how much experience can you habour? For this reason, we have to look into various lives; what their challenges are, their triumphs and failures and anything we can lay our hands on. The quality of the Artiste will be seen if the Artiste can actually make someone’s story sound like theirs. The convincing power of an Artist to make the story or point believable is an attribute for true geniuses whose passion for the arts knows no bound.

At the end of the day we just realize that we are inspirations ourselves; our story of agony should not be the only thing we project. To get variety we have to borrow lives for the good of our audience. As our faces differ also does our challenges. That story you are ashamed of telling might just be what your favourite fan wants to hear in other to move on with life. A true Artist is a mixture of triumphs and anguish, for there are areas in life we were left to crumble as we became lessons to onlookers. As humans, this bad experiences sharpens to be who we are. it is always a problem when we put pen on paper to scrabble on words or experiences we are not rooted upon or we tag as unfamiliar grounds, but there is a way out. Take this instance; if you don’t believe in love, look around and share beliefs with people who do.

No one is asking for a new inspiration because there is none, whatever you get through meditation has been thought about before; so what we hear is recycled. The aim of telling an emotional draining story is not to reach those who haven’t yet known life’s unfair tales or doubted it but to share in that insight for the purpose of awareness. A good story always sells, but the classics ones are owned by those who could tell it with the truest of passion.

Finding inspiration from within could be sometimes boring, but that kind of helps the Artist to showcase creativity. Telling your story always hit the mark compared to telling other peoples tale. If you want to digress into another person’s experience, you have to be a professional to earn a reading or hearing. Fictitious stories are to be enjoyed alongside with a lesson and when packed with emotions, the beauty is that is looks or sound more like reality.  Let me add that not all Stories are true, if you can add one or two things to make it a better story don’t hold back. There is a thin line between “lies and creativity” after all, all you have to do is let Life inspire you on daily basis; and by so doing, you will be an INSPIRATION.

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