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This is a question that has a very wide scope based on moral and environmental factors. The need for humble showoffs and the meek appearance of idols are the chants of the society. That feeling of success leaves an aura of “can do all” with the smirk of arrogance all around the faces of celebrities at most times. Everyone has an opinion on this issue; some find their favourite celebrities in vogue as they do a little showoff while some turn up the hate and make them appear despicable for that singular act. The onlookers cannot be taken for granted by celebrities because it’s not very clear who promotes their act. But let’s all get one thing straight; the pleasing gesture of losing your sense of happiness at the expense of the of the general public who might or might not have known you or even those that just hate the sweet fragrance of success is totally out of it.

The bottom line is that there has to be a change for the sole purpose of self worth. The venture into self development and stardom is a change on its own. The journey to find your feet in at a particular work of life is inspired by the need to change your status quo. Unarguably, people get into the spotlight for several reasons which can be for money, attention or simply just for the love of it. The response after they have met success might differ because of the earlier orientation in life that has rooted deep. For instance, the ones who live for the spotlight in a bid to feel relevant will try various means to get in the news while some just count their profits like regular business people.

With a new brand of life comes a new brand of taste, this can reflect in the lifestyle of the star’s attitude, association and appearance, the need to stay relevant might have a toll on friends as work replaces them for the time being or even forever. It is in human character to be subjected and learn the ways of predecessors by keying into their biding to get what you want in the long run. But sadly, values tend to take a back seat because of the never satisfied line of cheer leaders (fans). It only takes one with a strong character and vibrant backgrounds to still clinch to the earlier principle imbibed in the molding process of the said person.

Only a successful person will be listened to when he climbs a podium and talk about success, speculations and theories are for the classrooms and are not giving audience in the practical world. That is what success does to a person, it takes away the fear of failure or being held back by doubts but rather, there is a new sense of belief that success comes with laid down principles. Fear is replaced with confidence as succeeding brings in ladders to greater heights, but taking your eyes away from the prize or losing a grip of your strong hold will lead to a great fall. In a nut shell, change is imminent when a feat is achieved. It is good to use the spotlight as a role model to help those who are aspiring into same ventures and also infusing self believe in them but bad if it is used to unleash the ills of the society. Even if many will argue that flaunting wealth showcases pride and arrogance, some will also say it inspires others to work hard.


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