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I will be lying if I tell you that there is a routine way of making hits but I can stumble on some clues that can help musical artistes produce hits. That being cleared up, let me add this “Any track can be a hit” Yes! I know how odd that sounds but an adage says “when there is a will, there is a way”. When a song is properly mixed and mastered in the studio, it needs hearing. People can only hear and familiarize with a song when a proper promotion is done by the artiste or the parent record label. A bad song can become good if it’s always in your ears, all thanks to media outlets that let so many songs be a part our lives. With so much airplay, it tends to occupy our lips and the listening audience helps promotion through constant sing-along. Let me give some modules that has been tested and proven to be effective in various capacities.


You can go for the CONTROVERSY APPROACH: It is often called “beefing”. Beefing is when an artiste decides to pick on someone who has made a name for himself, so as rub a bit on shine as well. You can also decide to ride on an artiste’s shadow by using similar lyrics, beat or style that has the ‘potential assurance’ of success. But it sometimes backfires and brings down the reputation of the artiste to a “wannabe”. Not all controversies are regarded as beef; some are just desperate artistes showing off their lack of confidence.

USE OF CURSE WORDS: The logic behind using curse words is for the song to be banned, and when people hear that it has been banned, it would be in circulation as a hot item in the market due to its scarcity. But note, this can start and the same time end a career before it even officially kicks off.

USING FANCY BEATS: Well this is not new to anyone per say, for it has shown that the enigmatic touch that a fancy beat has can cover up for lapses in the lyrics, even delivery might not matter much if you implement this means properly. Anything done can be covered up in the term ‘style’ after all; there is no clear cut means of doing music in our society. At least I witnessed a man shouting all over a track and called it “Crunk Music” and now it is being included in the dictionary as a kind of music founded by Lil Jon. 

Another catch is using a TRENDING TOPIC to do a track, but the disadvantage of this pattern is that the song becomes seasonal and makes you a one hit wonder. From there it become hard to break away from that unfortunate identity; it’s more like a stigma! But trust me, you are going to really enjoy the moment…. Sadly, it’s only for a moment.

I guess we can all agree that there is no measure in making a hit, you can use reoccurring sounds, whispers or even be silent but if it is well promoted, trust me… it can be a hit.

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