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Singers Edge

Singers Edge With MaestroVic: BEGINNER’S GUIDE


You are welcome to this maiden edition of Singers’ Edge.

This edition focuses on getting started on the process of voice management.

As a singer, your voice is your most essential tool. This is because the physical absence or improper functioning of other parts of the body may have little or no effect on your ability to sing. And this fact can be substantiated with the existence of many singers who are physically challenged with either total absence or improper functioning of some parts of their bodies, yet some of these singers are known as world celebrities and icons of various music brands.

However, the unique thing they all share in common is that they all have their voices intact. This means that one cannot be a singer without a voice.

Having established the paramount role the voice plays in the life of a singer, an extra attention must be paid to how the voice is used, and proper management should inform all your daily activities.

The art of voice management should go beyond a routine to an attitude or lifestyle.

There is no permanent vocal height you can attain (either by therapy or surgery) that would require you to stop engaging in voice management activities if you must remain relevant in this 21st century singing business.

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The voice is like elastic in nature. And elastic only stretches as far as to what extent it is stretched; afterwards, it returns to its equilibrium once it is released, and energy no more exerted upon it.

Little wonder why some great world class vocalists in the mid and late 80s ended up becoming ‘wacky’ vocalists many years later.

Your voice is your power. Your voice is your identity. Your voice is you, and it defines your whole essence as a singer. If you lose it, you lose everything.

Deliberately awaken this consciousness of placing priority on the proper management of your voice for optimum result.

For the purpose of clarity, it is important to also state that the nature of your voice (i.e. low, mid or high range) cannot determine how successful you can be in the industry. What determine your success are branding, share hard work and the grace of God. We will treat this subject in details in subsequent publications.

Best wishes

Maestro Vic


Maestro Vic - Copy

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