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We welcome you our fans and online protégés, who have been finding time to follow us on this crucial subject of discourse. It is our earnest desire that Singers’ Edge bring about the needed solution to all vocal and singing-related issues, in order to reduce mediocrity to its barest minimum in our music industry.
Today’s publication is a continuation on the subject of our previous edition. Let’s still explore some of the habits we need to cultivate and those to drop in order to attain vocal excellence.
·        Take enough rest or sleep in a moist environment to relax the voice after heavy vocal use.
·        Take plenty water and fruits on daily basis. And ensure to always keep the voice lubricated during singing to avoid vocal dehydration.
·        Eat boiled foods; fish in place of meat, because of its less fatty content; and more of vegetables and chicken.
·        Take a cup of warm water before going to bed. If you do, when you wake up in the morning, you will observe that the voice will not be cracked the way an average person experiences when he wakes up in the morning. Warm water help to eliminate or melt fatty food remnants that stick up in the throat during meals.
·        If you engage in long time vocal use and you develop a cracked voice, take enough sleep to rest the voice properly; and avoid engaging in unnecessary vocal strain till your voice completely recuperates.
·        Keep the speaking voice at a low intensity.
·        Reduce vocal demands on performance day. Engage the services of a manager to help you out with logistics.
·        Use monitor speakers facing the stage to avoid unnecessary straining.
·        Do not sing with faulty equipment.
·        Pace your practicing or rehearsals.
·        Arrange the music to suit your voice; change keys if necessary.
·        Do become a better listener; encourage others to sing, and increase your ratio of listening to singing or speaking.
·        Do seek appropriate professional help for problems that threaten your vocal health.
I look forward to entertaining your questions and feedbacks on how this e-voice tutorial has been of help to you.

Best wishes

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Maestro Vic


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1 Comment

1 Comment

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