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Where Are They Now? 5 Port Harcourt Artistes Who Fell Off

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Where Are They Now

The Port Harcourt music industry is unceasingly evolving and with that comes a revolving door ushering in artists and sometimes kicking them out. For many singers and rappers, one day you’re at the height of your career with chart-topping hits and then the next day, you could be remembered as a one-hit wonder. Considering all of the talent that springs up each day with the help of the internet through blogs and streaming sites, the selection of new music is endless.

This leads to a crazy turnover and it’s easy for artists to get lost in the fold. It doesn’t always mean that their music isn’t any good, but the new songs don’t necessarily gain the same attention that their past hits once did. So what happens to these artists? While some faded away, there are others who have continued to hustle to reach their former famous status and some who have quit the music industry for a “normal life.” Regardless of where they’re at now, it’s a very different path from the one they traveled during their heyday.

These artists once had their chance in the spotlight but for some reason simply faded into the background. Hot today, gone tomorrow. Did they quit? Financial troubles? Career bludgeoned beyond recovery? It could have been that their sound just wasn’t all that, or that their look wasn’t HOT enough (no crotch shots, no love) for the mainstream, but you won’t find these people with near as many fans as say a Mr.2kay or Burna Boy has today. Not to say that they didn’t have their share of success, but c’mon, where are they now? If you were a fan of trendy sounds, we know you’ve probably wondered about some of them. Here are a few that have been lingering in our thoughts for a while now.

1. Sky B:


Sky B made a Monika for himself in 2007 with his debut album “Pray For Me” which sold nearly 1 million legit CD copies. The album was stuck in our ears as a result of the massive explosion the hit track “Am Calling” earned.

Other tracks were also hits, some done with slow emotion laden beats and some done with what were considered party beats back then. Compared to now, those party beats are outdated and can’t match the ones produced, but they did leave indelible marks.

Bred and based in Port Harcourt, Sky B was undeniably famous for the smooth synergy of his vocals to beats with lyrics that only he could understand, which led to the production of a rare genre of Hip hop which we hadn’t experienced, till he arrived the scene.

In 2008 he was tipped to become a long time member of Nigeria’s music industry as bright and young as he was, many expected him to become one of the pillars of Nigerian music but time eventually told a different story as he has been missing in action for almost a decade now.

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Sky B hasn’t been seen on any social media platforms as of date, neither has he been seen by anyone; anywhere. He hasn’t granted any recent interviews and has no songs released to his credit.

Why? What happened? How and where did it all go wrong?

DOWNLOAD AUDIO: Sky B – Am Calling (Ma Bebe)



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  1. Terry

    January 2, 2017 at 4:32 pm

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  2. Soty

    April 20, 2021 at 2:17 pm

    Nice write up,keep doing what u do best phcity music.

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