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It may sound like a religious decree but that’s it… your song must be heard! Your song is officially out and the market is yet to see the “brilliance” you had put together. After a spree of thoughts you decided that your journey has started; I have a Single and finally, I belong to the elite class of “Recording Artistes”. Congratulations once again, you made it! At the very least, it is something to show to your friends and hopefully, your fan base will take a different toll all of a sudden. Don’t get me wrong, the aim is not to slur upcoming artistes or kill their vibe but to bring them to the basis of what is attainable. Good enough you had the courage to record a song, it’s very commendable in terms of efforts but what’s it going to be? What are your plans for that song in terms of promotion? Are you going to bump into any On Air Personality (OAP) you see on the street and lobby to get your song played? Or will you make life unbearable for Disc Jockeys till they play your song and give you your few minutes of fame? In any case, it has to somehow get to the public. But that should be only if you have decided to take the rocky road trip to stardom.

Pleading, sending call cards and pledging allegiance will seems like an easy way out. But for how long are you going to keep sending gifts to those OAP’s who have chosen to abuse the privilege giving to them by their parent radio stations? Once you start, you have to keep up; it’s an unending blackmail. If  they run out of airtime, your song also runs out of airplay. At this point, you will be left with a red face and still can’t report to the management since you bypassed them to save cost. Sadly, it’s your loss not theirs. The frustration is enough for artistes to lose faith in their abilities and keep everyone second guessing how a promising career  would have panned out in the long run… but there’s good news!

The good news is that ? there is a sure path to get into the lime light without putting your still growing reputation on a landslide. Although it may put a hole in your pocket (depending on how deep your pocket is anyway) but it’s worth it if you think you are that you have metamorphose from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Making it official is quite expensive but it’s a sure investment and I’ll tell you why; your song becomes part and parcel of the radio station and they have to promote it because it’s strictly business. More so, the management has been given the mandate to promote your song whether the OAPs or DJs like it or not; It will be put on rotation and if the song is good enough, you are likely going to be called upon to perform live. It is nothing more than a little gamble, but I believe; ‘what is worth doing is worth doing well’. Make that conscious business effort to get it into the musical shelves of radio station and reap the benefits of your hard work. Needless for me to say the song must be good before taking this piece of advice.





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