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Scoop My Thoughts

Dear Portharcourt Entertainers, You All Need To Wake Up #ScoopMyThoughts


The various  social media platforms is a Pandora’s box so wide that all could delve into; both big and small, and harness the limitless possibilities nestled inside of it. 

One key player from our industry that has tapped from the well of wealth the Internet offers freely with open arm still remains Mark Angel

While other Port Harcourt artistes are battling with remembering the password to their twitter handles {which is the reason why anytime they drop a new song, you see a different twitter handle different from the one boldly written on the artwork of an old song} Mark Angel has been able to garner over a million subscribers and counting, who throng his youtube channel to watch endless comedy videos. I think he deserves our signature ‘Three Gbosa!’ for reveling on a social media platforms even big players in our industry couldn’t wrap their heads around. 

The praise challenge by Nathaniel Bassey on Instagram with over a thousand followers tuning in to join him while he ministers, is another challenge and new discovery that has pushed my team and other creative social media strategist to think outside the box and create limitless interactive sessions between acts and their followers.

A while ago I remember seeing the posts of the C.E.O of Mirus Empire, Olumati Isiah where he sampled an idea of creating a music selling platform that would aid artiste from this region and beyond to be able to promote, brand and create avenues to merchandise their talent but I didn’t get an uproar welcome from the thousands of youths who call my phone tirelessly {in an interval of an hour, my phone rings twenty six times, mostly music related calls} I pray he delivers on that project for it would be an idea of great value to all.

What every artiste in Portharcourt should be thinking right is


>How to carve a niche; this has to do with your style of music which changes along with trends. 

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>How to merchandise your brand; aside your soothing voice and the punch-lines that are so ill that sometimes gets into the way of making you a refined artiste, you should think of creating branded drinks, shoes, perfume lines and the other variables that could be tagged along with your name and rake in that Mullah like you call it! 


> Having a Calendar trick; While worked for Luciano Records, we had a trick calendar year that clearly states what we want to achieve in that calendar year and split it across the months and work our way up. From tours, to recordings, shooting of music videos et al, these things were well laid out. 


I would continue in my next article but for now, I’ll advice all portharcourt artiste to work on awakening their various social media platforms, think of creative ways to promote their songs aside going to meet these hungry and next-to-devil OAP’S who would take their copyright material and still demand money from them.  

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