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In All Sense, I am Done. {Part 1} – Husband Material #ScoopMyThoughts

I think Portharcourt Music Business is dead and can never be revamped ever!. I joined the entertainment circle when Frank D’nero and Duncan still worked at D-large studios. When Illusions Nite club was the O2 arena we knew. When Blah the incredible and Korkormikor would drop bars that would leave I and my friends awed as we listened.

The days when M-kaze gave us tunes that I still rock till date. I watched Maxi churn hits with his rhymes while Frank Obama, Oga Isaacs, Big T and Don Luciano championed signing or managing of artiste. When Dem Mama soldier was the rave of the moment after Tha IBZ and the Indispensables. I missed the trio of Stone Cold, I miss Sky-B, I miss M-josh, I sometimes wonder if my eyes can ever set fall on Rapture again. These guys gave Portharcourt the signature sound we have today. They made a young boy believe in the entertainment so much that he left home and lived in an unhealthy circumstances because he believed if all hands were on deck, he could be the next Efe Omoreghe!

I look around now and I don’t see a reason to stay put, hoping that the tides might change for our industry because it will not. These crop of acts aren’t hungry. Not for food on the table but hunger for fame, passion to be heard and the zeal to push further in the midst of nothing. The older generation weren’t blessed with the opportunity these artiste have now but yet they chiselled their names in the sands of time.

I bow not in shame, not bloodied but of a weary feet and mind that can’t connect with these artiste. I humbly take a bow and plead not to be called upon if it has anything in its faintest wisp linked to music. I write from a sad state but with a strong conviction that am tolling the right path. Platinum Promotions and all its appendages seizes to exist as from today onwards.


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