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“Port Harcourt No Sabi The Tin” – Husband Material

Port Harcourt No Sabi The Thing - Husband Material

I watched the hashtag slowly pick it’s shaky feet, paced about for a while and grew like wildfire. The profile pictures of virtually all entertainment ‘heads’ had their pictures adorned with the slogan #PortharcourtSabiTheThing. Being an ardent follower and lover of anything Portharcourt, I joined the bandwagon of wannabes, asked Olivia Sose to help me create mine and in split minutes my picture was sitting on my profile on facebook brandished with the hashtag. 

Two weeks down the line, I did a quick survey on all social media platforms to see where this was leading to but all I got as feedback was just a discordant followership sheepishly following a trend with no headway. A shabby fan page created with no content inside! Two wack songs dropped with the hashtag that was never promoted online or radio and yet we bask in our folly that Portharcourt Sabi’s the thing.

What thing? 

Cities all over the world would have taken that rusty hashtag and carve into a goldmine. Actors, Musicians, On Air Personalities and every other creatives nestled in that city would have used that hashtag to portray the city in a glowing form that would spark off discussions, woo investors and even bring whatever change we so desire in respect to good governance. I have watched with dismay as it is slowly turning into the habitual clique stuff that is a dumb signature of anything we embark on here in Portharcourt. 

The day we begin to push down the fences of ‘Cliques’ then  I can beat my chest and say this city would be on the map. The ‘haves’ those who know either a popular radio presenter, one C.E.O of a dead record label and another yesteryear rapper would begin to spite those who don’t and in their hallucinations bask in the dwindling glory that the hashtag was fashioned for them only! 

I have read clapbacks, stupid inbox messages sent to my email and facebook and I am left stunned as to how people can’t see the good in my rants {someone called my opinions rants} I might not be the most suitable to dish this advice but hey! If things are not put in place our city would still wallow in the dark. I have seen flyers for an event slated solely to promote the Portharcourt Sabi The Thing project and my shoes, jacket, umbrella and my keke guy is waiting for the said date so that I can see the mockery they would make out of this beautiful concept. 

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. maryann Brown

    August 4, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    True, the clique thing in PH is very annoying.
    We are not united.

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