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There has been growing interest about the movement “PORT HARCOURT SABI THE TIN”, which has both been positive and negative so we decided that we set the record straight as to who we are and what we stand for so as not to confuse anyone about our goals and mission.


PORT HARCOURT SABI THE TIN” is a coalition of creatives based in and from Rivers state. This is an open forum which openly welcomes anyone that identifies with the Rivers state creative industry. Our talents are diverse and so you will find anyone from musicians to dancers, comedians, bloggers etc. As long as you can be termed to be under the creative industry, our umbrella covers you. We chose to use the word Port-Harcourt, as the city is an identifiable brand worldwide. However, our members come from any and everywhere as they have chosen to contribute to the Rivers state creative industry.


It took us a while but as practitioners of the creative arts industry, we realized that we are our saviors. We know the industry will not build itself; it takes strategic planning and persistence to turn it into a thriving business. Our core aim is twofold, the first which is to increase value; we want to improve the awareness about the quality of work that comes from this part of Nigeria. We know we have some of the best talent nationally and that what we produce is not just unique but highly commercially consumable content. We know it’s what you have heard about that you can enjoy, so we have come together to raise our voices so the world can know what gems are laid in Port-Harcourt.

Our second aim is to educate: we want our local acts to have more than just talent. We believe that our minds are our biggest assets and so we have laid out plans and have already begun executing training and workshops for the creatives in Rivers state so as to brush ourselves up to international standards with regards to production and presentation. We have started by organizing regular capacity building and interactive sessions to help bridge the knowledge gap and enhance performance quality. These sessions are tailored to suit specific fields and lots of youths and creatives are benefiting from it. Incidentally, this movement was birth from one of such meetings (the Port-Harcourt Entertainment Elevation Summit which took place on the 6th & 7th, July 2017 at Grace Event center, Port Harcourt).


So far our source of funding is internal. We initially raised funds to execute earlier projects by donations from a couple members. We have however devised a method of selling our branded T-shirt to constantly raise funds. Profits made from sales of our branded Tee shirts are how we intend to fund our programs. We are working on a template that allows all interested members sell t-shirts for the movement. That is why we consider everyone who buys our shirt a great supporter.

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Starting out in the creative arts is an expensive venture plus most practitioners hardly get the support that is needed. It is what that in mind we came up with a few things to help our members. As part of our 12 month- blue print plan, some of our members have gifted us some amazing benefits and they include:

• 100 free websites for entertainers (in partnership with BrowseNigeria)
• E-commerce website where creatives can sell their products (in partnership with Olumati)
• Free video production training and standard free video for the trending song from a new act (in partnership with Squareball Media, Adasa Cookey)
• Capacity building managerial classes (with i-Manage Godwin Tom)
• Sharpening your talent capacity building programs (with Hilda Dokubo)
• PH Music Video Mix (in partnership with STV PH)
• PH entertainment news update (on Radio Rivers with Tina)
Plus we are putting together a weekly magazine show for local TV about our industry, etc.

We would like to use this opportunity to intimate the general public about some of our up-coming projects.

• Port Harcourt Photo Concert
• Port Harcourt Short films Exhibition
• WesabiPray! WeSabiWorship!
• PH Entertainment Elevation Conference
• PH Dance Flame
• #Sabithetin Tour
• PH Foods, Drink & Entertainment Festival

*We shall be putting out communications on dates as plans unfold.

Most people are aware of the challenges facing our industry but very few are dedicated to solving the issues. We are an apolitical movement and will NOT be involved in politics…but for clarity, members of the movement have a personal right to identify with their political conscience. However, as a movement, we will NOT be taking sides politically. Our constituencies are the artistes and practitioners of the creative arts in Rivers state.

We desire that the burning pride members of the public have when identifying with Port Harcourt will resonate and have everyone join us as we are set to prove that truly and really #PortHarcourtSabiTheTin

Signed PR team (Port Harcourt Sabi The Thing)


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Promise george

    February 20, 2018 at 10:07 am

    Please inform me.when their is.any event that needs dancers
    thanks in advance by.calling me on 09028596653

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