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13 Best Music Videos from Port Harcourt in Sept!

Here are 13 of the best Music Videos from artists that rep Port Harcourt so far!

Too much good stuff came out this year, so we had to set some parameters. Luckily, there was still plenty of material to choose from. From Port Harcourt music’s biggest stars (Mtril, Loxxy, BM Baby) to newcomers like Idahams, Dandizzy this month offered plenty in the way of great music videos. Here’s the best of So far.

Idahams – “Toast” (Dir By Adasa Cookey)

Director:  Adasa Cookey

Newcomer Idahams blew us away with “Toast,” his debut track. But it’s the accompanying video that shows he’s an artist with a clear aesthetic and excellent eye—the lo-fi production doesn’t have much more than cityscapes and a spotlight at its disposal, but it creates a whole world of voyeurism. Idahams has character and charisma that leaps off the screen, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Timaya – Telli Person ft. Olamide & Phyno

Director:  Capital Dreams

We’re not sure why Timaya’s “Telli Person” is so good, but we know it has a lot to do with Phyno & Olamide’s presence. Though Timaya’s perplexingly simple flow on the hook reportedly began as a freestyle, and the energy established by those opening lines comes to life in its video.

Phyno and Olamide interact with and rap alongside the Egberi Papa. Their facial contortions are utterly charming and Timaya looks thrilled to be back in front of the camera amongst music’s next wave.

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BM Baby – Number 1 (Dir. Paul Gambit)

Director: Paul Gambit

Years from now, BM Baby’s visual album will be remembered for its innovative use of simple technology and for it’s whimsical romance narratives, and a coming of age tale that leaves us bowled over with its straightforward, subtle creativity. Perhaps the most amazing of her tracks is the recently released single “Number 1,” the song that shows BM Baby at her most impactful.

BM Baby’s sovereignty is undeniable; as she performs throughout the various Southern locales to a nationwide limelight . She reminds the viewer that, despite all the controversy, her and Cynthia Morgan are the ones running this show we call dance-hall culture in Nigeria.

Billy Dolomite Ft. Kushite Kutta“Quitting Is Forbidden”

Director: Mike Todd

Port Harcourt’s very own Billy Dolomite had an amazing year, and it’s continually been about more than just his music. Everything he did in 2016 embodied the spirit of a new artist looking to stray off the beaten path.

Dolomite who is known to be a hit-making potential, accurately expresses on “Quitting Is Forbidden,” the trunk-rattling ego-booster off his American tour, an undying love for what he does, and his will to never stop. The video is just one highlight in a project full of standouts.

The tongue-in-cheek positivity of the title manifests itself throughout Dolomite’s work. His and the featured American rapper Kushite Kutta’s swaggering presence on the streets could go toe-to-toe with industry vets and the embrace of independent, in addition to a slapping production by Mike Todd.

His sound remains polished, his messaging is consistent, and his visuals are powerful and striking.There are a lot messages that can be decoded from the video’s subtler touches, and unraveling them is what makes it worth repeated viewings.

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3nity – Worship No Other (Dir. WeSabiWork)

Director: WeSabiWork

By the time the visuals for “Worship No Other” came out, we already had multiple stunning visuals from 3nity in the form of videos like “Lele” and “Lost.” Somehow, he one-upped himself again.

From a crop of impressive work, his best work this year is 3nity‘s “Worship No Other,” a calm, pulse-raising effort that starts with the kind of scene you might find in a typical bestselling movie, right up to the smooth ending. The video leaves us with more questions than answers, but that’s typically the case with a lot of great art.

M-Trill – Aboh (Dir. Adasa Cookey)

Director:  Adasa Cookey

M-trill‘s joyous ode to his ethnicity got an equally vibrant visual treatment this year—M-trill teamed up with Adasa Cookey to take flight on “Aboh”—It’s an impressive re-entrance by an old artist, punctuated by the fact that he’s currently getting this whole music thing sorted out independently.

Unlike the flashy cars-and-blunts visuals that often appear in videos, “Aboh” doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fun, simple, and easy to relate to as all attires rocked were made from native prints—we’ve all got to Aboh.

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor—don’t rely on inadequate blog descriptions of this awe-inspiring work of art. Just check below to see it for yourself.

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Benjizzy – Another Saturday

 Director: Chigozirim Victor Chigozi

Benjizzy broke his silence this year—or rather, shattered it completely—The visual’s somewhat sinister beauty accentuates the eerie sound of the track itself, which chronicles Staples’ marriage expectations around here. Could easily be watched on mute and judged as a fantastic video, which is probably the ultimate sign of an awesome music video (but then it becomes a silent film, so yeah, we need the sound).

The video is visually indulging yet mesmerizing: press play, and you won’t even notice the Five minutes go by. It’s the type of video you could watch dozens of times, and still discover something new with each replay. After a stretch of silence, Benjizzy still has no problem getting our attention.

Loxxy – Controller (Dir. Unlimited L.A)

Loxxy came back with a masterpiece in his latest video for “Controller”. He sure needed a director who could match the song’s weight, and did. The song “Controller,” really doesn’t need much to stay highly rotated on air, but having Unlimited L.A involved certainly doesn’t hurt.

It masterfully captures a mood. It’s the little details—the greenery volley ball court, the club scene, the beautiful damsels—that make this video feel larger than life, and it’s all really just an excuse to keep this amazing song in heavy rotation.

Regardless—Damiete Lawrence A.K.A Loxxy, has turned in another glossy, high-tempo video to realize his creative vision, and he has pulled it off in style.

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Timeyin – Gbemisoke (Dir. Mr. Pef)

Timeyin‘s voice in rap is incredible, and she let’s it fly with super hot bars on “Gbemisoke.” The video is similarly grandiose; There’s a loose narrative featured, but this video with the uproarious, frenetic. it’s equally rowdy attribute is ironically about the simple colors, choreographed dances and the music—. Vaporwave-like visuals combine fuzzy, smokey and overlays of Timeyin & masked gymnasts dancing, all washed in crisp clear static. The whole thing is beautifully done, and the camera loves Timeyin..

Dandizzy – Egweji (Dir. Ed Izycs)

Dandizzy got the help of Ed Izycs in projection mapping op-art patterns and choreographed beams of light in this gaudy video. He interacts with the lights, too, reminding Dandizzy’s fans that he is an extremely talented rapper, too. It’s an intense, at times even haunting video for a song that draws you in and gives you a taste of the sonic intensity that we expect from the next round of Dandizzy’s releases. Amongst many unnecessarily complicated videos that get released daily, let “Egweji” be a gentle, eye-catching respite.

Bukwild Da Ikwerrian – Melody (Dir. Choppenson)

Directed By Sire Choppenson:

“Melody” is one of the most liveliest of Bukwild’s songs, and the video translates its introspection into visuals shot in the serene spot in Port Harcourt.. Whenever he’s involved, the results are a must watch.

In the case of the “Melody” video, the images truly complete the song in a way that not all music videos do. The video brings you one step closer to understanding the song better.

The director Sire Choppenson took this video to another level and communicated a stunning vision for what the song and the more from Bukwild could really mean.

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1DA – Concentrate 

1DA Banton is just too damn talented. Not only is he a brilliant singer, songwriter, and composer, he is one of the most exciting artists around.

The video to his single “Concentrate” i’s brilliantly minimal, and the end packs a strong punch, reminding us of Adasa Cookey‘s ultimate strength as a director—impacting the viewer without having to do too much.

Every single one of the videos from 1da’s debut EP has been brilliant and cohesive, forming an overall narrative where dance overcomes and empowers the soul. From “Joy” to “Joy Remix” we’ve watched a series of solo and individual dancers move in synchronicity with such effortless-looking talent that you might even think you could join them.

1DA‘s visuals game has been so on point that listening to his new, EP will have you re-living every video and its energetic aesthetic in your head.

James Numbere – Don’t Stop (Dir. Norman Tamkivi)

James Numbere hears colors and sees sounds, a condition known as synesthesia. It’s something he shares with some of the greats in music, and is bolstered by his background in abstract thinking. It shows in the music—each of James Numbere‘s 2016 release has come with a distinctly styled piece of cartoon artwork that tastefully reflects his beauty.

Radiant, warm hues encircle the Port Harcourt lad’s delivery on “I’m A C” song in which boosts our city’s-gazing encircled, with a smooth charisma. He upped the energy on this video “Don’t Stop,” and is slated for big things in 2017. A charming voice and sly wit make this upstart a must-watch.

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  1. Benjiszzy Zaakii

    September 16, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    I feel Blessed and privileged to be on this list! Thanks

  2. Prettygeek

    September 27, 2017 at 7:33 am

    Wow , Controller by loxxy is the dopest.??

  3. Prettygeek

    September 27, 2017 at 7:35 am

    Loxxy -Controller is amazing video quality amazing plus he is very cute.??

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