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VIDEO: Toxic – Wida You (#PunchLinesNotPeople)

It’s almost the middle of 2018. Do you still have to hear both sides? Since Toxic has his way, you have to. Today, the Port Harcourt based rapper released a song and video titled “Wida You” in line with #PunchLinesNotPeople movement started by Dr Barz; not surprisingly, it’s garnering a considerable deal of attention already.

The song literally makes the listener hear both sides, both voiced by Toxic . First, an angry voice recounts a list of grievances against non-violent people and how they’re pushed to their limits. Then the other voice offers a point-by-point rebuttal and so on, but the video ends with the both guys hugging it out.

Rigid symmetry and a stilted tone are nothing new for Toxic, who efficiently covers Lucas Joyner‘s “I’m Not Racist” and followed the same dramatic double-sided format.
The notion that social divisions could be reconciled through “honest” conversation was already a dicey proposition.

The obscene lyrics on “Wida You” might be offensive to some, misogynistic, or short sighted, but as one philosopher put it, “extreme positions are not succeeded by moderate ones, but by contrary extreme positions.”
Toxic can rappity-rap with the best of them: and “Wida You“, displays first-rate technical skill. With this rhyme-building talent and his new preference for complicated tale-telling, Toxic is surely gonna carve out a niche audience large enough to earn the worldwide accolades he deserves (In Igwe Tupac’s Voice).

While so many other new rap acts are trying to fit in, Toxic is staying true to the sound he loves and providing an alternative to the same-sounding newcomers inundating the market. Toxic keeps things interesting with lush video production from Jojo Falani and intimate lyricism, and as well-rounded as his music already is, it still feels as if we’re witnessing the early stages of a long career.

Performances: TUAMMY & Michael Pan

Peep below and feed your eyes.

DOWNLOAD: Toxic - Wida You (418 downloads)

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