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Greatness is expected, as KarlaGod is on the verge of releasing the single “Thief” off her debut album.

Let’s concede, up front, that at this moment, there’s a century’s worth of recorded music at our fingertips, much of that music is life-changing and grand, and none of us will ever fully enjoy it all, not in a single lifetime.

As ever, the music resumes, and we’re never too proud to beg our favorite contemporary rappers, singers, and producers for a glut of new, great, life-changing music from Port Harcourt this year.

That’s why Nigerian Song writer, Rapper and Singer KarlaGod (IG handle: @karlagod), introduces her art to the world with her hip hop bang single, THIEF.

KarlaGod is a safe bet for a superb gospel rapper. Her sound remains polished, her messaging is consistent, and her verses are powerfully striking. She’s also got the voice, the songwriting chops to hit Number one with ease, and the ambition. But, time and time again, she’s proven to be weirder than anyone else who regularly tops the charts. Which makes her music forever worth paying attention to.

This rapper is set to release her debut album Mix-Lyric II in the month of June; Giving us a taste or feel of what we are to expect in the album, she’ll be releasing the single she teamed up with avant-garde audio mastermind and rapper Irvin Suave, titled “Thief“, which will be released on the Sunday, 20th day of May 2018.


It’s definitely going to be catchy, it’s going to be fierce, and we can’t wait to hear and see what KarlaGod would bring to the table, but be rest assured, it would be a song, and a day to remember… #Anticipate

The mixing and mastering by T.E.A Studios (IG handle: @tealinks)

Anticipate this single people.

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Watch out!!!

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