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Oya Connet: Adasa Cookey, Tonye Ibiama, Spencer Morgan, Presley Fubara, Tareela Okene, Afy Douglas & others Connect & Share Innovative Ideas

Port Harcourt – Nigeria, 29th July, 2018 –Industry creatives recently concluded the first edition of its interactive session #OyaConnet and the official launch of the brand. This program was a showcase of the best practices and initiatives adopted by industry creative’s to incorporate sustainability in their entire value chain with an object to enhance business operations. Commencing in the morning, the summit was a remarkable journey of sustainable practices and their significance across various industries concluding finally, with the beginning of an effective hub.

Senior executives and thought leaders from various sectors gathered to share their experiences and success stories in their sustainability journey. Mr. Victor Okoro, CEO – Gospel Warehouse, noted during his welcome address that managing brand image, creating competitive advantage and cost reduction are the main drivers for adoption of sustainable development practices in organizations.

Olumati Isaiah said:

“While it may not be glaring to a lot of persons, revolutionary minds can tell that the creative industry in Port-Harcourt is experiencing a shift in the direction of change for the better. The idea of Oya Connet is an indisputably   powerful contribution to the quickening of this emerging change that the industry is long over due for.

Rather than outline the challenges that have long limited the creative industry, the Oya Connet conference sort to proffer relevant solutions through a careful select of speakers who have be tested and have passed the standards that qualify them to instruct  participants.

I appreciate the attempt to connect creatives from every part, to birth a hub. I am hopeful that its effect on the people will create that necessary spark the organizers projected while birthing the vision.”

Entrepreneurs and professionals present at the event include Tonye Ibiama, Chief Executive Office Grafton Entertainment & Security Company(s); Adasa Cookey, Popular Music Video Director and CEO Squareball Media; Mrs Tareela Okene, Owner of Dripples Cakes; Emmanuel Aki-Cobham, Principal Consultant of EastBreed Nigeria LTD; Amb Femi Walsh, Emeka Nobis, Olumati Isaiah, Principal, Mirus Empire; Spencer Morgan, Founder & brand strategist – Creative Invasion Brand School; Afy Douglas, President of the gospel community in Port Harcourt; Presley Fubara, Columnist and Blogger,, amongst others.

See photos from the event:

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